Apple: (Skin to the Core) by Eric Gansworth

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION Gansworth takes the reader through his life, experiences, and thoughts in the memoir written in verse, Apple : Skin to the Core. He touches on innmerable aspects of his life, from the horribly embarrassing nicknames given in on the Tuscarora reservation (rez) to give you thick skin, the way in which you areContinue reading “Apple: (Skin to the Core) by Eric Gansworth”

The Library is an organ – liver, lungs, kidneys – where does it end?

In the stark, honest and unexpected, for me at least, keynote address by Wayne Weigand, the audience heard fragments about the history of public school libraries that are not necessarily representative of the values of the library. He spoke of observations made from his research for his book Part of Our Lives: A People’s HistoryContinue reading “The Library is an organ – liver, lungs, kidneys – where does it end?”

Vision over small things

In 2010, I had the pleasure and honor of opening a middle school. I would be the first choir director of this school and would build its program. After two years, our principal got a job as Assistant Superintendent for Student Engagement. Our new incoming principal, before the end of that year, sent a surveyContinue reading “Vision over small things”

Careful with those Picture Books

In our coursework, we have learned what to look for in a quality picture book. Children’s Literature, Briefly, indicates the way in which illustrations tell a story can be through: establishing a setting defining and developing characters reinforcing the written text providing a differing viewpoint extending or developing the plot providing interesting asides establishing moodContinue reading “Careful with those Picture Books”

Changing Representation one book at a time

In the Spring of 2021, I attended my first YA book festival, entitled, “North Texas Teen Book Festival,” or NTTBF. This was my first book festival. One common point continually surfaces from the authors is the desire to represent a story that has a connection to their lives. The purpose of this session and manyContinue reading “Changing Representation one book at a time”

Face the Music – Being Honest about the History of School Librarianship

How would you react to history that goes directly against what you thought to be true? While obtaining my master’s in library science, I have come to consider the library as a beacon of truth, and a place that fights injustice and promotes equity and equality. My idea of the library has been a romanticizedContinue reading “Face the Music – Being Honest about the History of School Librarianship”

Where do they get those wonderful tools?

Where do librarians get resources to support subjects related to STEM? In the IASL session entitled, “Supporting STEM Education in the School Library with Digital Tools,” presenters Johnston, Green, Thompson and Jones offer various websites, applications and digital tools to complement, enhance and support subjects such as math and science. Johnston points out that whileContinue reading “Where do they get those wonderful tools?”

Georgia Peaches and other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION What would you do if your father, who apparently loves you unconditionally, tells you to change who you are for a year? That is exactly what happens to Jo, after her father, a preacher, marries for the third time. Not only that, Jo is forced to move from metropolitan Atlanta, to Rome, Georgia.Continue reading “Georgia Peaches and other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown”

Sing, Unburied, Sing : A Novel by Jesmyn Ward

JUSTIFICATION How would your life change if your brother was violently murdered and those at fault were not punished? How would you cope? These are some of many questions posed in the National Book Award winning book, Sing, Unburied, Sing : A Novel by Jesmyn Ward. Jojo is a 13 year old boy. Michaela isContinue reading “Sing, Unburied, Sing : A Novel by Jesmyn Ward”

Beauty Mark : Verse Novel of Marilyn Monroe by Carole Boston Weatherford

IMAGE Introduction What is the story of Marilyn Monroe? Who was Norma Jean? In the history of the 20th century, arguably no one has had the most influence on pop culture, beauty standards and the Hollywood dream, than Marilyn Monroe. Yet her story, like many celebrities, is shadowed by her early death. Beauty Mark :Continue reading “Beauty Mark : Verse Novel of Marilyn Monroe by Carole Boston Weatherford”

If you Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION Do our actions have consequences? How can we choose the best action? Author Kadir Nelson, winner of both the Coretta Scott King Honor and Caldecott Honor award, brings to life a magical world of reaping what you sow in the book, If you Plant a Seed. In this fantasy picture book, the readerContinue reading “If you Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson”

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION What happens if you take more, much more than what you need? Jasper Rabbit loves carrots and he eats them all the time – on the way home, and more. Then one day, Jasper starts to notice someone or something following him. Are carrots seeking revenge for his glutinous appetite? How will itContinue reading “Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown”

Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi & Ashley Lukashevsky

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION Have you ever heard the term “antiracist”? What does it mean to be an antiracist? Winner of multiple awards including, the National Book Award and the W.E.B. duBois Book Prize, Ibram X. Kendi teams up with Ashley Lukashevsky to offer an honest, yet age appropriate board book for babies and older. In it,Continue reading “Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi & Ashley Lukashevsky”

Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass by Meg Medina

IMAGE What would you do if you found out someone wanted to beat you up and they didn’t even know you? How would that affect your life? How would it affect your perception of school? Piddy, or Piedad, goes through this nightmare in the book Yaqui Delgado wants to Kick Your Ass, written by MegContinue reading “Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass by Meg Medina”

Sonadores by Yuyi Morales

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION What if you suddenly found yourself living in another country? How would you cope with the difference in language and culture? In Sonadores, Morales takes the reader on a surprising journey of hope, confusion, and of course, discovery. Yuyi Morales came to the United States with her son to visit her ailing grandfatherContinue reading “Sonadores by Yuyi Morales”

Honeybee: The busy life of Apis Mellifera by Fleming and Rohmann

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION What is the day in the life of a female worker honeybee? After she is born, how soon can she fly? What does she do all day? Honeybee: The busy life of Apis Mellifera answers those questions and more in a beautifully illustrated and informative yet sentimentle story of a honeybee. The bookContinue reading “Honeybee: The busy life of Apis Mellifera by Fleming and Rohmann”

My pencil and me by Sara Varon

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION Have you ever been uninspired? What do you do? My Pencil and Me, a recommended graphic novel from the Texas Library Association Little Maverick list, is a story of a girl who is ready to write a story, but has no inspiration. Her dog suggests she asks her pencil for help, who happilyContinue reading “My pencil and me by Sara Varon”

Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION What was it like to be the keeper of a lighthouse before electricity? What would your day look like? How did you get food? Hello Lighthouse is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book that tells a story of one light keeper, his day to day duties, the family that stands alongside himContinue reading “Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall”

Before the ever after by Jacqueline Woodson

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION What if you saw someone you love start to change? What if they started to forget things, or stopped acting like themselves? In the award winning verse novel, The Ever After, Zechariah, ZJ’s father and professional football player, begins to change. He has also happened to have a experienced a high number ofContinue reading “Before the ever after by Jacqueline Woodson”

You Matter by Christian Robinson

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION How much can one action, one work, or one person matter? The book, You Matter, tells the reader that they matter, however big or small they are. The cover of the book itself exemplifies that. The reader sees children that are all different, from a child in a wheelchair to the others inContinue reading “You Matter by Christian Robinson”

White Rabbit by Caleb Roehrig

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION What would you do to help your parent from financial ruin? Would you put yourself in harms way? Would you take money from people who hate you? These are the questions Rufus has to confront in the mystery book, White Rabbit. In this story, Rufus, the unwanted and bullied child of the eliteContinue reading “White Rabbit by Caleb Roehrig”

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

IMAGE Introduction How do you reconcile the values of your parents that are different than yours? Do you follow the path they want for you or do you forge your own? In the book, When Dimple Met Rishi, School Library Journal’s 2017 Best YA book, these are some of the biggest questions and challenges forContinue reading “When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon”

Before Morning by Joyce Sidman and Beth Krommes

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION Do you ever wish it just snowed, beautiful white snow, even if it means that parts of daily life might be canceled? Would you welcome a slow down in the pace of life? I came across this gem in the book, Children’s Literature, Briefly, as a recommendation. It is an easy reader pictureContinue reading “Before Morning by Joyce Sidman and Beth Krommes”

The Barren Grounds: The Misewa Saga, Book One

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION What would life be like if you had no memory of your mother or father? How far would you go to help those around you? Author David A Robertson, member of the Cree nation, addresses these questions in the book, The Barren Grounds, book one of The Misewa Saga. The reader is introducedContinue reading “The Barren Grounds: The Misewa Saga, Book One”

Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian

IMAGE JUSTIFICATION How do you deal with a secret you are keeping from your family, even when you know they would disapprove? What actions do you take when people like you are dying and the world doesn’t seem to care? Like a Love Story, a Stonewall Honor Book, revolves around Reza, Art and Judy, setContinue reading “Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian”